Interessen Gemeinschaft Panzermodellbau

Funktionsmodellbau im Maßstab 1:16

The fighting force

We are all enthusiastic model builders with long experience in various sectors of functional model building. Because there were so many options, we tried everything that was available on the market during schooldays. Ships, cars, planes and helicopters were tried out. After many years of inactivity, we found that none of us had a working model yet. The decision was quickly made to remedy this situation. But what should we build? It should be something we all had never built before. The requirements for the perfect model were quickly defined: 

  • to scale and realistic in its appearance
  • handy and easy to use anywhere
  • to be designed individually by each model builder according to his skills
  • with a high fun factor in the group

We found all of these requirements met in 1:16 and 1:15 scale RC tanks. This has nothing to do with war games, glorification of violence or even right-wing ideas, our motivation is just the joy of building, continuously improving and operating technically sophisticated models.

At the moment we only drive models from the era of the Second World War. In my opinion, old tanks look better and offer more design options for the creative individualist. We have German Panzer III, Panzer IV, Tiger and Königstiger, as well as American Sherman M4 105mm Howitzer and Pershing M26. But projects on the navy, the air force and a variety of robust outdoor dioramas are also being worked on.